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Hook Up Techs
aight heres the deal, when your hooking up with a girl for the first time theres lots of different things ya can do, what i like to do is kiss normally and throw little tricks in every once in a while and act aggresive at sometimes and then regressive at others, it will keep your girl wondering whats going to happen next. Guys can do the pull away technique and make yer girl beg for one last little kiss lol or do the lower lip bit, or you can work your way down to her neck for a little bit but not too long cause most girls dont want a hickey. tell her that you love her lips!touch forheads, brush noses... just touch her lips with yours dont actually smack them every once in a while. put pressure on her body with yours every once in a while until she NEEDs it. make shure not to be aggresive the whole time because girls like to be in control a little bit too... and like to think that your not just completely takin over them

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