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how to keep him around 4 ever!!!!
ok ladies, if you really love your boyfriend and you really want him to stick around forever, these are the things you will need to do, you always need to be honost with him, always tell him that you love him, give him his space, if he wants to go out and grab a beer with the boys, let him... i know sometimes it could be little hard but just do it, NEVER CHEAON HIM, make sure you dont show him that you are the type of girl that doesnt like to work or do anything around the house, trust me, thats a big turn off for guys, always take care of your self, try to look good all the time, be good to his friends and family, be supportive, be funny and outspoken, make sure he know you are fun to be around, never be moody, never nag, dont be the jealous type... dont call him all the time, take one step at a time in a reltionship, dont talk to him about marrige, show him that you are full of life and that you can live without him, have self confidance about yourself, throw him a surprise birthday party and invite all his friends and family, he will love that, trust me ladies, this will work, HE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER

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