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Do's and Don'ts if you have been dumped by your bf
Do not: - -Expect your friends to deal with your problems, i know all to well it hurts like hell keeping it to yourself, so if you have to talk to someone talk to someone in your family. -Beg him back, infact act like the break up hasn't affected you in the slightest. Do: - -Go out with your friends and have fun, don't talk about him to them and try not to think about him, the busier you are the less time you have to think. -Get rid of things that he gave you, you don't have to completely get rid of them, just put them out of sight. -Avoid seeing and speaking to him if you can, and if you have to just give him small talk. -Avoid the whole conversation of the break-up, it will only hurt you. -Believe in yourself, do not let what he has done to you take control of you. After all this if he still doesn't want you, than that's his loss, i hate to say it but you obvoiusly aren't meant to be together, find someone that actually deserves you!!

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