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The Unheard Tone
When you talk in person there is an unheard message in the tone of voice you use and your body language. Talking on the phone eliminates the chance for body language and chatting on the internet gets rid of it altogether. This means that things you say over the internet may come off differently than you intend them to based on the person you're talking to and their personal experiences. In person you may call each other names jokingly and its fun but over the internet your partner takes it far too seriously. If you notice your partner getting offended at unexpected times simply make a mental note of it and simply use a different word the next time. 'Whatever' does this for me because when my current partner said it in person it was cute but over the net I, without realizing it took offense. I myself have found a couple words/phrases that offend her and quit using them. This keeps your internet relationship less stressful.

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