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sometimes it's better to not tell
i had kissed a few guys in the very beginning when my boyfriend and i weren't technically together, and never felt terribly bad about. but after we were together for almost a year i kissed a coworker and ended up sleeping with him. granted, i was drunk, etc, etc, it really is no excuse. i have thought for a while before this that my boyfriend and i really aren't the perfect match, i know we probably will not be getting married either. even though i know all this i still love him, but i guess im not madly in love with him. i know we are not destined to be together and felt that maybe our time together is done, but now my actions with my coworker are completely clowding any and all of my decisions.i think i may have cheated to give myself a real reason to end the relationship. i dont think i will ever tell him simply because i know it truly will be just to get it off my chest, and it is not his burden to bear, especially because this isnt the main reason why we shouldn't be together. just realize that even though you may be able to handle cheating,you may not be able to handle that fact that you could at any minute break your boyfriend or girlfriend's heart simply by telling them about this stupid thing you did one night when you were drunk or just lonely. its not right to hurt people, even if they never find out. and now i regret this because this is what i will remember most about when and how and what i felt about why we broke up.

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