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Breaking up
I know that breaking up with someone is the hardest thing to do. But let me tell ya something, your heart will tell ya when something isn't right !! GO by that HONESTLY. Personally I've been in a relationship for almost 4 years he was my everything, I thought he was the love of my life. But the older I got I soon wondered if he really was? The truth of the matter is, you know when your heart skips a beat when you see that person, and you know when your heart doesn't. People act like they can change how they feel. You CANT change how you feel and if you could, people wouldn't have the problems in relationships they do. If you feel like maybe this truly isn't what you want in a relationship, it's time to leave. I know it's hard expecially if you have been with them for a long time, or are worried about finding that right person, or for the fear of being alone. And the answer to that is that's normal. You may be affraid, but the longer you drag a unhappy relationship, the more unfair it is to the other person. Or you can stay with them, and always think well what if I broke up with them when I first had these feelings? The longer you stay with them the harder it will be for them, and thats not fair to either of you. Love is a two way street, you either want to love them and be with them, or do both of you a favor and get out. When you start to fall out of love Bad things can happen, cheating is the number one of things that happens when you fall out of love. And if you cheat that is a Red flag that that person really isn't for you. You don't hurt people you love and if you do you don't love them.

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