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How to turn her on!!!!!!!
For all the guys out there: when you're pretty comfortable with your girl and you're making out with her, move slowly from her lips, and lead a trail of soft slow deliberate kisses to her ear. breathe heavily in her ear with warm breaths and nibble and suck her earlobe. then continue the trail of kisses (deliberate and slow is a real turn on cos your girl will KNOW where you're going and you're teasing her by being slow to get there...) to the upper neck behind her ear, and then down her neck where the vein is. make sure you go wide to the collar bone. also breathing hot breath is good too. from the collar bone, kiss down into her boobs... then back up to the collar bone on the other side, then the neck, behind the ear the ear, and then the mouth again via the chin. my girl was soooo hot after i did that to her!!! ;) but the main thing is just go with the flow. if you're real nervous and you're trying to remember steps like you're following a recipe it's just not gonna work. be tender. be involved. good luck y'all!

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