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Your Better then him....
My boyfriend of a year and a half recently broke up with me and i was devastated, he pulled it out of the air completly, just three days ago he was telling me 'I Love you' 'Your My Everything' 'I wont ever leave you or hurt you' 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you' B-S that night he wanted to have sex with me, im only 16 and hes turning 17 in a month or two.... im so not ready for sex and he pushed and pushed, i said no over and over again... he got angry with me and three days later... BOOM! SUCKER PUNCH! he broke up with me, it was all a game, he just wanted to have sex and thats it, dont fall for sweet nothings look were it got me, dont damage yourself the way i have, i was so depressed i started cutting and skipping meals and icolating myself from the world... I was in depression mode MAJOR but now i know.... after three months or so after my friends had been telling me that i deserved better, and i did nothing wrong and he had played me, i finnaly got the hint. I know now im better then him and you know what your better then your ex too! when ever i see him i just think 'well here comes the best damnthing that ever happend to you that you through away... LOOOOOOOSERRRRR!' and thats the additude you need to have against your ex if he has played you, and if it makes you feel any better, its 1 easier to get over it then you think and 2 you are a beautiful, amazing person that deserves someone totaly amazing just like you and if he couldnt see that and didnt try to keep you then its his loss.... i hope this helps I love you all, keep you head held high and smile =D *Hugs*

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