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MAJOR TURN ON FOR GUYS! well most guys.
OKAY! i was with this guy once and we were sitting on a booth bench together during a party. and we were all cuddles up in the corner. And for me it got kinda boring and i got tempted to do something. ANYTHING! so i went to his ear and started blowing as softly and gently as possible. And then when he looked at me i blew as softly and gently again but on his lips this time. This will make the guy want to kiss you. But the trick is when hes going to kiss you turn away. and keep on doing that again and again. Soon he will get a little aggresive and you will get more than you bargained for. When i did this i didnt just get the most passionate french kiss of my life. He was necking me all over my neck until i couldnt take it anymore. He never wanted me to stop. GIRLS! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! I GOT SO MUCH MORE THAN I FLIPPEN BARGAINED FOR! I WAS THINKING ABOUT THIS FOR DAYS!! up until now i still get butterflies when i think about it. and this only happened to me about 3 weeks ago. TRY IT!!!!!! but remember. BLOW GENTLY AND SOFTLY IN THE EARS AND ON THE LIP. It turns them on even more if their lips are wet when you are blowing on them.

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