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im playing him
ok me guy kept playing me. so i cam up with a plan. right what happened is me and him were like really close then had a break up. out of the blue he said that he would 'appreiciate it if i never spoke to him agian' after a while some of my mates started confronting him as i was seriously depressed. and they finally got him speaking to me again. as mates and i was happy with that. then we planned to meet up just hang out me and my mates and him and his. and it went well. and that night he intivited me out the next night and that night was alright. at the begining we were just like mates then he like walked up to me hugged me and said sorry. then that night we got off and blahh. and i was like 'i thought you wernt interested' but he came up with a reason and he appoligised some more. but the next few days later he wasnt talking to me again. msn. texting... i didnt want to call and act clingy. i texted once. and i didnt say anything on msn. i wanted him too. but i feel like he might be playing me. so plan time :)))))))))) i meet up with him one night. and it'll be ish like the other night. he'll go to get offwith me i'll lean in put my finger to his mouth look at him with pity then announce i have to go then i'll walk away without a glance back. then i'll kind of slip into the shadows for a few days... i wont talk to him and stuff. then i'll out of the blue call him. and we'll meet up again. except i'll be flirting with him for abit. then i'll start ignoring him more and more. and start flirting with his mates. and then we'll see how that goes. ok but basically. 1) guys are gay - if they play them 2) if you're out and they are face away from them and get a mate to look like they are talking to you but they'll be able to see him. and get her/him to tell you when he's looking over. if he looks over lots. you know you're doing soemthing right :) 3) try learn his fav hobbie. just basics. so you can like kick a ball straight get a ball into a hoop skate along strum some chords on the guitar you know ?? 4)dont beg for him back dont what ever you do just DONT!! 5) alcohol. you and him have to drink abit. that works. the truth comes out then, and you can ask them anything. o k dont get sloshed just gt abit tipsy. i'll post some more up later when i have some more to post. i am playing the player. it will work im doing this for all the girls that have ever had their hearts broken. im making an advice page about all this on myspace. trust me. and try and be that girl that a guy can fall in love with over and over. how do you do that. ask me :))) girls can do anything. flaunt... flaunt flaunt flaunt OHH my mans online now :)) haha lets see how this goes ay girls. f**k how to lose a guy in 10 days its how to play a guy in 10 days mmk? :) yeahhhh baybeee

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