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Is it love at first site?
okay. heres a perfect example of a 'love at first site' story. i was sitting on a bench outside a bulding, waiting 4 my parents to pick me up. across from me was another bench, with about 3-4 HOT guyz sitting on it and chatting. they were waiting 4 there parents to come and get them too. they were there before me, and i was wearing my bathing suit top and jeans (i waz wearin my bathin suit cuz it waz aa pool/excersise place) and i have a nice bod. so i caught these guyz lookin at me. they looked like they wee a year or 2 older than me....well 2 of these guys's mom came, so the hottest guy was the only one left. i like him...and i think he likes me too, cuz i had a feeling he was staring at me...and when i looked at him, he wud look at me 4 about a second, then look away.....and that happened for about 30 minites..(OMG:)) finally wen my parents came, i got in he car, and gave him a long flirtacious stare. he did the i think it was love at first site...and i hope i see him again....

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