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girl code
here are some basic tips for guys- if she likes you she will: play with her hair, smile, look in your direction a lot, try to make eye contact, ask silly questions just to talk to you, try to be near you, and laugh a lot, even at jokes that aren't funny she likes: guys that can make her laugh, gentlemen, girls love it when guys are polite and sweet, they love compliments (but don't overdo it, because they will start to think you are just saying stuff, they can tell if you are, and if you aren't, they will think that), and when guys stand up for them she hates: guys that try and touch her, people who go too fast, players, insults, rudeness, corny pickup lines how she knows you like her: you smile, look into her eyes, be close to her, talk to her (but make sure it's not like 'just friends' talk, be sincere, tell her a secret), try to impress her cupid tip: girls need their personal space, they are very territorial, a way to tell if she loves you is if you step into her space, like scoot closer to her or 'accidentally touch', if she doesn't move than she likes you, if she does, don't give up, just give her more space and try again later (not like 30 minutes later, but like 2 days later, or you just might annoy her if she doesn't like you), she might just be having a bad day or something what to do if she rejects you: when she says no she means it, so don't annoy her and keep asking, just try to be her friend and then maybe something might work between you two, if you stop bothering her, she will see that you respect her, and she will be very impressed also: if you really like her, don't be afraid to ask her out, if she says no, it's not the end of the world, she wont be disgusted with you, she would most likely be flattered and impressed that you liked her and had enough courage to come up to her good luck and i hope these tips helped!

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