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Ignore Him
If you want your ex to want you back (even if you don't necesarily want him back) you should just ignore him-straight up. Act as if nothing ever happened and that your perfectly fine with being single. This will show him how confident and independant you are. And when you are confident, it makes people want to be around you. You never know-you might meet a really nice guy and when your ex sees you two together he will be jealous and want you back in a heartbeat. Its pretty much a fact: Guys want what they can't have! And if he thinks you have moved on he will start to notice you again. Wait a little while after the break-up and then when you see him in the hall, just smile and nicely say hi. This shows that you are the mature one and that your not afraid to talk to him. And once again, it shows that you are confident. So basically all you need to do is show him (even if you're pretending) that you love your life. Because if he notices that you are having a good time, he will want to be part of it. So just have fun!

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