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Ive been with my boyfriend for 6 months now and we love each other very much. In the beginning of the school year him and i had biology class together. he was a seinor and i was a sophomore. we never even thought about being with each other ever in the beginning. i didnt even know who he was. he never even crossed my mind at all. but then, we were lab partners and everything changed. i started to get to know him more and thought he was a pretty cool guy. so we sooner or later became good friends. we both hated biology class but we would love going to it only because him and i were always goofing off and laughing and pretty much never listening and pissing the teacher off badly.. we pretty much enjoyed spending time together in that class. our teacher always called it 'flirting' when we would horse around which it basically was.. we just clicked so fast.. it seemed like we known each other for ever but only for one school year.. but we were only friends then and i'll tell you why we were only friends. he had a girlfriend that he was dating for almost 2 years. i thought i could never compete with that because people around the school would say that 'they would always talk about getting married and stuff' so thats pretty much the reason why i never asked to hang out because if it wasnt for that i prolly would be hanging out with him all the time.. he was one of the coolest guys ive ever met. but i respected that he had a girlfriend. i would get a little jealous at time when i see them in the halls together holding hands. but every time i saw him in the halls we would make eye contact like we know that we both have something for each other. but im the kind of girl that likes to keep it cool. i dont like to make things obvious to his girlfriend that i like him. so throughout alittle over half of the school year him and i finally thought heck of it. why not hang out for just once. well we did. as friends of course. we smoked a bowl in the car while waiting for his friend to get out of work to hang out. i had the best time with him the first day i hung out with him. even thought we had nothing to do we were happy because we finally got to hang out outside of biology class. but here comes the good part. his friend who we were waiting for, just so happens that his little sister was driving behind him and i with his girlfriend in the car. so his girlfriend was pissed off at him because she found out that i was in the car with him. it was a horrible situation. i guesse after that there were two snow days and i didnt get to see him untill two days later at school. lol i asked him what happend with him and his girlfriend and that i wasnt trying to like invade their relationship. he said it was okay and that she freaked out and told him that she didnt want him to ever hang out with me again. so i thought to my mind wow i guesse thats it. he's going to be graduating this year and so i pretty much will never get to hangout with him. but nope thats not what happend we hung out a week later after that on a friday. i lied to my mom saying that i was at my friends grandparents house hanging out when really i was with him. i thought it was alright for me to hang out with him because he seemed certain. but his girlfriend didnt know that i was hanging out with him the whole night. but the one thing i give him credit for is him not cheating on his girlfriend on me. he never told me that he liked me or anything. we both just kinda knew that we liked each other. its hard to explain. but yeah him not cheating on her with me just made me like him even more. that made me feel like he is a good guy and good boyfriend. but after that night i came home in trouble with my parents because they found out that i really wasnt with my friend but with a boy smoking pot. i was pretty much grounded for three weeks couldnt see him the whole winter break and i tried to sneak the phone to call him and finally did for a few minutes and i found out that he broke up with his girlfriend because she found out that i was there that night with him. we didnt even start going out till a week after that episode. i skipped school with him twice because i couldnt go anywhere because i was grounded so the only time we could ever really hang out was to skip. and people at school were talking. it was pretty insane. his girlfriend tried her hardest to make him jealous by talking to other guys but he was too busy talking to me he didnt even care. we were pretty much stuck on each other. i felt bad for his ex girlfriend but in the long run he is much more happy and so am i. now that we've been with each other for 6 months good times go on and we both talk about how much we appreciate each other. the real advice is... when you like a guy and they have a girlfriend. dont try to piss off the girlfriend too fast in the beginning.. give it time and be yourself and eye contact in the halls is also a good key to draw attetion. comunacate by facial expressions like a little smile across the class room when he looks at you. or look at him and when he catches you looking at him fastly look down. so that he knows that you have a thing for him. it works. when you like someone and they have a girlfriend just dont be a whore.. be yourself and let him like you and make sure you know by flirting but in a 'friend like manner'

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