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Compliment! show that you notice them!
oh, its so simple and effective!! If ur talking to your crush/date and you notice something, say it!!!!! It makes them feel like you're noticing them. and lets face it - eveyone likes to feel noticed!! particularly a tip for guys, coz girls like to make a HUGE effort, even for the smallest, most casual date. Tell them they look nice, or smell nice (if so, how do they smell? like coconut? or pine trees? you can be funny with it and that can get a laugh - dont embarass them though! be cute) or maybe they're wearing a cool hat, shirt, or have cool button badges. Anything! also, if you see them alot (say, at school or college or whatevr) if you see that they may be wearing a new shirt or someting, simply say, ' oh is that a new shirt? its cool'. it tells them youve been paying attention!! and when you're ready, tell them how great they look, and how you like they thingsthey say and do. be specific - what is it about those features do you enjoy? also, dont focus on physical bodily attributes too much - voice, walk, laugh, smile, mannerisms, quirks can also be cool to compliment on.

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