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For evey kind of kiss
seriously! My man loves it when we kiss, I gently moan or gasp or breathe heavily (not too loud or in a sexual way, though this can grow as passion intensifies!). It takes ANY kiss to another amazing place. Depending on how you moan/gasp/breathe heavily, it can be very romantic (like an old fashion movie) or more sensual and passionate, intensely sexual - WHATEVER YOU LIKE! It really lets him know the effect he's having on you, which melts his heart or turns him on (depending again on how you do it). It really is a secret power we have girls, because the sound does things to guys like nothing before! My man LOVES IT! BEST OF ALL, when you moan at the moment you enjoy, then it lets him know what you like, and he'll do it more!!!!!! Also, whispering. oh WOW!!!! Once again, you can make it how you like - romantic, sweet, passionate - whatever! (You dont have to be and sensual if you're not comfortable with that! and if its not your personality to be like that, it can turn you and your man OFF! You can just be normal and whisper in your normal, yourself way, things you would normally say!) You can whisper in their ear but it also feels amazing to whisper words into your man's lips, milimetres away from them, in between the softest kissses, feeling your lips brush against his lips as you're lips move. These gorgeous murmers will drive him up the wall with passion!! Having a conversation with your man like this is amazing!!! try it!

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