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Talking face to face
My ex and i split up around 3 weeks ago. Since then it has been an ongoing struggle for me to get on with my everyday routine and get my life back on track. I have lost so much self respect and dignity and have fallen into what seems like a never-ending journey of the worst pain ever imagined. We both met up last weekend for a bite to eat and we also watched a movie. Everything seemed perfect. It was like we were lovers again; we couldnt keep our hands off eachother. He admitted to wanting to see how things went and that we could maybe get around our problem somehow and take things slowly, which i couldnt of been more happier about. Anyway, 2 days later he doesnt wanna know again. I called him up crying and he kept saying the same words over and over; 'I am not getting back with you.' It was so much for me to handle and i felt hurt and betrayed because of the way he was with me 2 days before. He said he had thought about giving it another go, but cant see it working. WHY? I kept saying to myself. Its been 2 days, we havent spoke, and all of a sudden he's set on not ever loving me again? My heart ached as he said the words. He told me he didnt love me anymore, only as a friend. I told him to stop lying to himself and denying his true feelings, and he eventually admitted that he did still love me but wasnt prepared to be with me. After much grieving and arguing on the phone, he has agreed to come over this saturday and talk properly. I find talking face to face is alot easier and you can both gain so much from it, maybe even another chance. I am hurting so badly at the minute and i just hope in time, my love will return to me once again. xx

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