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How to get your ex back
I know break ups hurt. It's the worst feeling you can ever get... specially when you were in love with that person. Nothing could cheer you up, ok! ok! unless its a brand new BMW. All you wanna do is just stay in bed and cry and watch sad movies right? don't you hate being confused? not knowing why he actually broke up with you? you start blaming everything on yourself, you start thinking maybe you were not good enough for him, but trust me, that's probably not the issue. Guys are weird, they never know what they want, they're always confused... no matter how old they are they're still afraid to commit, But us girls? we're ready for whenever right? The best thing to do after a break up, is just give him some time, make him miss you, dont call him, or when he calls you avoid his calls... make him wander, show him that you could live without him too, even though i know you're probably sitting at home crying your butt off and bagging God to get back with him. Trust me girls this works, i know its hard but this is probably the best way to get back with him... you need to give him the chance to realize that he could actually loose you, im telling you this from experiance. Take adavatage of your free time and do things for yourself, go out with your friends, finish your major in school, make new friends... live a happy life, after he sees you moved on with your life, he'll start running after you and bagging you back... and isn't that you we want anyway? well, stick with it girls

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