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Expectations will Change
No matter how much you might claim that 'oh things will be the same!' - they won't. We all grow up with tales of girls and guys dating, marrying, and settling down. We watch all the sitcoms about how wives act and how husbands act. We have all these stereotypes in our head about the woman being used as a slave and nagging all the time. We have stereotypes about guys belching, sitting on the couch and scratching our privates. We also build up these fantasies about a wife being a perfect cook that never looks at another guy - and the husband earning the money, coming home and bringing his lovely wife flowers. It's impossible to erase all of those things from our head. For better or for worse, when you marry, you expect things to change - even subtly. And sometimes when they do NOT change, you get annoyed, even when you know it was silly to expect them to have.

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