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Personal Expectations
You might say that it won't matter if you get married. That things will be exactly the same. But they won't. We all are human beings, we all have grown up with all sorts of ideas about what marriage is about. Fairy tales always end with the prince and princess getting married, not shacking up. Epic tales are about beautiful maidens being rescued by handsome knights, and marrying with cheering friends all around. The brave wife is protected by the strong husband against all odds. Sure, we might laugh at them as adults - but they are still a very strong part of our belief sets, if we begin to delve into our psyche. The whole process of sharing names, wearing rings, signing forms - whatever you choose to do as part of your wedding rites - marks a transition between 'individual' and 'partnership'. This is something that has been around for thousands of years, and has always been a very powerful bond. When you become married, you will in fact feel differently about the relationship you're in, about your expectations of each other and your expectations of how others will now treat you. Marriage involves very real legal and social rights. You are no longer just 'individuals who happen to like each other'. You are 'a team' that faces the world together - and the world will treat you in that way.

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