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Do and learn
Many people who have cheated know the feeling. You've done it, it's too late. Point of no return. First of all, I want those people to know, that cheating is something cultural. In our culture it is considered as something bad, while in other cultures it is not (even here, during the sixties, free love?). You have to know for yourself, what I'm doing, is this wrong? For me? Secondly, you have to treat as you want to be treated. If you wouldn't like the thought of your boy/girlfriend to have sex with someone else, then don't do it. If you don't really mind (for some reason) than go ahead. It's al a matter of perceptive. Everything is also very relative. If you're young (or old), and you are very curious to what it's like to have sex with a someone else (she/he's the only one you've ever had sex with), why not. But only if you feel that he/she has the same right, the right to explore. Further more, you have to ask yourself the question; what if I'd be doing this with someone of my own sex? Then would I feel so guilty? It's al a matter of: trying to look into it from every possible angle and trying to find out what you should do best. Regards...

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