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For my One and Only
When Iím in a cold dark corridor, looking for an exit I look to my side and youíll be there pushing me on. Iíll never need anything, because I have you, Forever and always Love is more than words, More than just a simple feeling Itís not a command Itís when you can see my heart in my eyes And know itís only for you. Your smile lights up a million fires Your kiss, like an exotic drink I canít get enough of To the world you are just one person, but to me You are my world and my only one. When I see a storm raging outside I think of you When I feel the sun on my skin When I hear the sound of breaking waves It reminds me of you Everything is beautiful in the world, A view from the highest mountain The clouds a path under our feet We can do anything together Love is indescribable, Like the smell of the rain, Like the look of a blood red rose Or the feeling of forever Or the way I miss you a soon as you walk out the door When we lye there, my head on your shoulder, Fit together so perfectly, I listen to our heartbeats beating as one Eyes closed, your gentle caress soothes my concerns We stand in a timeless moment Together in a tight embrace. Motionless in the night's air, I look into your eyes Never wanting to let you go There is nothing in this world That can make me as happy As you do, because to love and be loved in return Is the greatest adventure of all

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