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Making your ex jelous and win him back!!
Well ladies, this is how it's done: 1) Have a new look... wear things that are revealing and have the 'wow' factor. Show some clevage... maybe a little slutty but not over the top. 2) Get close to his friends, maybe flirt a little with them. Because one way or another your ex will hear about it and will be very jelous. 3) Never EVER talk to him... never MSN, IM, text, call him or ANYTHING at all. And if he contacts you, don't answer it.... because you have better things to do than sit around and think about him! 4) Act happy even if you're hurting really bad inside. Show him that you're over him even if you're not. 5) Look your best and wear some nice purfume. 6) If necessary, act like you have a new boyfriend. Act like he's the best guy in the world and you couldn't be happier. 7) If he looks at you, look away in a 'I don't care' look. & avoid further contact with him, because this means he wants you to see that he's 'happy' but inside he's burning up! 8) If he's around and someone is craking up a joke, when everyone laughs be the loudest one who laughs and make sure he hears it! But not too much... that may get annoying for him! 9) Act like you always have plans, something to do than sitting around a moping about him. Overall: Always be the girl who stands out from everyone else... in a good way!! Look your best at all times. If like me you always wear jeans, have a change and wear a nice looking skirt and show off some leg... that gets alot of guys talking about you and you're ex is definelty going to burn up!! Flirt with some guys, and show your ex you're having a good time. Laugh and joke, never show the pain as it's weakness in thier eyes and makes them feel good about themselves. Get really close to his friends, maybe flirt a little too but too much. IGNORE HIM.... at ALL costs... don't contact him at all even if you're meant 'to be friends' if he's ignoring you, dont chase after him... let him come to you!! Good luck girlies!!! All the best!!! Sarah xxx

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