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Breathtaking Kiss Like Never Before
For some reason people have it in their minds that they must kiss passionately, and so most often a kiss is overdone. With any kiss its as simple as putting your heart into it. Whether the person is the love of your life, or a new flame, your heart plays a deciding factor in the effectiveness of your kiss. When you truly care for someone (i.e. heart), you move in for the kiss and hold gently but firmly on thier lips. Tongue or not, it doesn't matter, but more than likely you'll end up in a French Kiss because of this. Here are some basic steps. Guys Step 1: Place your dominant hand on the small of her back as if you were moving in for a hug. Step 2: Gently pull her toward you. Step 3: Lean in a little (literally only inches from standing straight) and place your other hand on her neck/jaw line. Step 4: Gently kiss her (don't stop kissing, continue on to step 5). Step 5: Press your lips firmly against hers, continuing the kiss. Step 6: This will actually more or less happen naturally, but take a deep breath. The trick is to take the breath through your mouth during the closed mouth kiss. She will notice your mouth open, and the air moving into your mouth will dry her lips, thereby leading into a French Kiss. Never take your lips off of hers, though. She will either move away to catch her breath and lick her lips, or you'll be in business. If she does move away, don't be discouraged. Follow her movement and bring your face roughly 6 inches from hers, looking into her eyes. She'll probably initiate the kiss, or at the very least close her eyes (the universal signal that she wants to be kissed). The French Kiss is easy enough. Simply massage her tongue with yours. Step 1: Move your tongue clockwise around hers (she'll probably follow suit). Step 2: After rotating your tonge one to one and a half rotations, change direction (don't do the same thing every time, repitition is boring). Step 3: As she is surprised by the sudden change and begins to follow again, slowly pull your tongue back into your mouth, taking another breath (be sure to wet her lips on the way out). The rest is magic. You'll figure something out, I'm sure. And if not, you're just not made for amazing kissing. Try to find other things that you can do well. Girls Step 1: Let your man know you want to be kissed. Look him in the eye, nibble gently on your lower lip, grab him by the belt and pull him toward you (just a slight tug, not all the way). Step 2: When he moves in for the kiss, wait until he begins closing his eyes (or if he doesn't close his eyes he's a friggin weirdo, but just wait until he's so close he starts to blur) then move in very slowly yourself. Don't stop moving just because your lips have touched, keep a slight constant forward motion. Step 3: Follow his lead. If he doesn't know how to lead, don't lead for him, that takes the fun out of it. Instead refer him to the above steps for guys and encourage him to act. Step 4: When he pulls his tongue back, suck on it slightly and let it wet your lips on the way out. Step 5: While he isn't kissing, nibble gently on his lower lip. That's about all there is to it. On both sides, you'll have an amazing kiss, guaranteed. :)

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