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The most important things
Trust. If you don't trust them at least tell them that your worried, see if they care. Although it might make them angry if you ask. But that can be a good sign in a way because that means that they wern't even considering it ^^. Communication. Of course communication is important because if your in an on-line relationship that is all you have you can't touch them to tell them anything, you can't even give them a shoulder to cry on. And if your really serious about them it hurts when you can't be there for them, I would know because I'm in a relationship like that; She's in Canada and I'm in Missouri. We talk to each other everyday for a few hours at least on MSN during the weekdays except wensday and ALL DAY on the weekends. Don't loose hope. This is probably the MOST important thing because if you can't even keep faith in the relationship and that it will work, there's no point because if you've given up. A relationship takes two so always make sure that they feel strongly about the relationship too and don't let them loose hope and faith either! Good luck to everyone who's in the same situation as me and My Angle :)

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