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When you know you've got something don't let it GO!
My ex and i where together for a yr and a half and i had cheated on him once with my best male friend, we where really close but i never loved him like i loved my ex. My ex knew about it when it happened and ignored it which made it worse because we had an underlining problem through the rest of our relationship. Just recently we broke up again because we felt we had to find our selfs but where planning on getting back together, the next thing i knew he had already found someone new to be with. with this i realised the reality of losing him and what i had done to lose the most important an amazing person in my life! Although we where compleatly and utterly happy the pain of what i had done never went away! What i had done, cheating on my sole mate ruined the best thing i've ever had. Don't cheat because trust me it'll never be the same and if you truely love them the pain will never go away.

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