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Let It Flow...
Okay girls. It's time to show the boy that you're in control for the most part. When my boyfriend and I had our first kiss, it was sooooo romantic! He took me to a very private place. Well before that he said that he loved me. And I thought he was lying, so I told him to prove it to me. So he said he would give me a hug or even better...a kiss. When we approached a place that no one would find us. I was still blabbering on 'bout random stuff and then I totally forgot that he was gonna kiss me! He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek! I stopped in the middle of my sentence, just stunned to speak. I turned 'round and I hugged him for a very long time. He caressed my back and let his left arm hold my upper back and his right arm wrap 'round my lower back, and rested his hand on my waist. Me, I just threw myself at him, and wrapped my arms 'round his neck. I said, 'My Josh, hasn't changed one bit.' About 5 minutes later, I started to slide my cheek against his slowly against his. And right when he thought it was over, I teased him by brushing my lips over his slightly while looking down. I could tell he wanted more. But I teased him some more and pulled back, I gave him a little smile and then realized he was leaning in, so I finally gave in and man my whole body melted I swear. We didn't do the really long kiss, we did the 2 or 3 second kiss and then did some little pecks on the lips. But don't pucker up.

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