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Girls..........oh boy
Ight i went out with this girl chelsea for 2 weeks, and then all of the suden when i was on the phone with her one night i told her i loved her and she didnt respond. Of course i was like whats wrong? She said she didnt want to tell me cause she said it was bad..... wel it turns out she liked her ex-boyfreind that moved to a different state and they havent talked 4 like 6 weeks... she said she wanted to get over him thats why she went out with me and because she liked me..... well yeah i loved her with all my heart like id take a bullet for her and i still would..... well i felt like shit 4 about 3 weeks then i told myself why am i wasting my time beeing sad? Look you only have so much time on earth and you shouldnt waste it being sad.... well i still love her cause if you still love her after you have been dumped and you dream about her and cant stop thinking about her then, that is true love. and a few weeks later i thought i was over her but i went to visit my grandparents and we took a walk in the park and it was so beautiful.... i was thinking what if chelsea was here she would love it.... i was liek wtf am i thinking.... im over her.. i guess im not... so im gunna try and get back with her.... yeah weird things have been happening i sent her a im and it said 'I love you' time-11:11:11 pm and i see her name like everywhere..... im gettin signs so i hope she comes back.... yeah prayers would be nice =]..... i wanna be with her for like the rest of my life and if you guys feel the same way about ur ex you deff need to try and get her back..... me im relying on fate cause if we were ment to be ( i hope we are) then ill get her back.... u never know miricles happen everyday... i just hope one happens to me... GOOD LUCK BOYS

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