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If tha gal dunt even bluddi kno ya
try n get yourself known around her, try n talk 2 her in a 'get 2 know' way. Always have a laugh. If ur talking 2 sum1 n she walks past, look at her as she walks past and smile! hopefully she will be looking at you aswell. Once you think she likes you a bit talk 2 her, always ask questions, but not stupid ones like 'Whats your dog called?' Asking questions is an easy way 2 relax wen ur talking, but dnt be 2 dominative by talking 2 fast or interrupting, girls like 2 be in control, but dont let her get in control 2 much eiva ;) Afta that, ask her 2 go sumwere wiv ya, i mean anywhere! like ' will ya walk me 2 da end of tha street' always give eyecontact when talking, be sweet and SMILE!!!! then move in for the kill; wen u fink ur close enuff, afta a nite out, move close to her, start talking but not 2 much. hold her hand and kiss it. move 2 her cheek, if she doesnt push u away u shud be there :D go 4 it lads ;)

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