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dressed to flirt
DO NOT show a ton of skin .dont wear clothes that show of all your goods if it hot in the summer, instead of that low cut stap tanktop wear a cute cool tshirt that doesnt go to low or is showing your belly .because you may see guys look at girls that wear that kind of stuff (sluty) but they know what she looks like with out any clothes on because they saw most of it. but there is a mystery if you wear somthing that shows the curves of your body but is not like 'look a have really big breasts' .he will wonder what you would look like with out any clothes on but he will still not have a good pic of that. and it will make him come back for more and then you can talk and if you want you can go out and from there its up to you .JUST NO REVELING CLOTHES K take it from some one who knows i went to a place and wore a non reveling shirt and jeans and all the guys kept looking at me and finnaly asked me out and about 2 monthes after i stopped going there i went back and wore a low low cut shirt and a mini shirt and ya the guys did look but they looked at the other girls that didnt show all there stuff so just dress so they will not have a clue how hot your body really is.

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