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1-Cry. 2-Dont Cry. Both Are Okay.
Every girl always says she doesnt want a guy to see her cry. Whether its an ex or a best friend or a crush...crying has just been catagorized as a bad thing to do. But, why? I've always wanted to make guys see me cry. Lets weigh our choices. 1-Cry. Perhaps he will think youre weak and be even more turned off, or maybe he will think he has more power and feel superior, maybe his ego will take a boost, maybe he wont even care. But maybe, he'll see how bad he hurt you and rethink what he's done, or maybe he'll realize that whatever his reasons were could have been a little off, or maybe he'll just try to be your friend. 2-Dont Cry. Maybe he'll think youre okay and not bother talking to you again, maybe he'll be glad he didnt hurt you and feel less guilty, maybe he'll forget about you after that. But maybe he'll know youre hiding it and remember how strong you really are, or maybe he'll miss you because he sees that youre happy, or maybe he'll get jealous because you dont need him at all and come back to you. I choose crying, some people dont. But there are good advantages to both. OH back over this. Us girls are getting together and weighing our choices between the dumbest things ever. How ridiculous and pathetic are we? lol.

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