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guyz have trubble flirting?
if you are a guy and you have trubble flirting this is all you have to do if you and the girl yu like have been talking this works trust me but mabe not to every girl ok you are haveing a convo and she says something you think is cute or w/e copy her repeat what she says but not in a scarcastic voice make it normal ex: Girl=ya that was funy guy = ya that was funny girl= stupid guy =stupid lol it may sound carzy but girls like it me an ever one of my friends so copy like every word she says after you copy her once but dont over do actualy copy like 5 things she says and if she says stop and giggles tham the tip worked but if she says stop gets red and anger enters her voice stop say sorry i just love your voice (nice save) but only say that if she know you like if she dont them i dont know what to tell you

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