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i want to win him
there's this one guy that i met for like months now. first he ask me if i'm still single, how old am i and etc..... so because i like him i said yes..... so we dated just ones and everytime i see him he hugs me all the time. i just see him 2* a week. i work in his facility and he just goes there for his patient but eversince his patient died i never saw him since then.... i fell in love with him i don't know why but he never calls me back when ever i tried to call him. i know his been hurt before by his ex girl friend that he even tells me all the time that he's been hurt before and he doesn't wanna get hurt again,so i told him to move on and not all girls are like that..i even told him that i'm gonna wait even if it'll take a long time but he said 'I DON'T HAVE TO WAIT'.does that mean that i don't have a chance anymore or something else?. i feel down and i feel something is wrong with me because if he does likes me then why is he acting this way? i felt neglected in a positive way, but hurts more that he should've just told me that he doesn't really likes me in order for me not to make my hopes up.i want to win him but i don't have any clue how???

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