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I don't really have a tip, but i think that it is very important to figure out not if you want him back(it is obvious that you do because you are looking at these tips), but if he wants you in his life. If you are sure than I suggest that you wait that is what i'm doing right now. My boyfriend leftme on New year, after we celebrated it together with friends, so it has been a kind of messy break-up. I know that you probably love your ex boy-/girlfriends, but if they are filled with rage and hostility, you can only wait and try to distract yourself by hangin out with your friends. I tried to act cold towards him when I saw him in the club, but i eventualy started talking to him. He behaved immature and he was brutal, so he made me cry in front of everyone. I didn't ask him to be with me i just wanted to understand why we f*ked up everything.He ran out on me, that is his usual habit when he faces problems. So now I decided to back of, because people no one can be with you out of sympathy or guilt. And others are right: give him/her space, stop being pathetic and if he/she truly cared for you, he/she will be with you once again. Until than try not to force upon yourself to listen to music he/she liked, going out just to see him/her, try not to think of them. Keep your eyes open while waiting for an ex, because you can also find someone interested in you. That is what i will do. Thank you for reading this

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