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Your boyfriend brakes up with can get him back!!! I PROMISE! READ THESE TIPS!
K GIRLS R U READY FOR THIS?! Lol k so my very hott boyfriend broke up with me. And worst of all, he had someone else do if for him...a girl..on the phone!! Yeah pretty harsh. He was the hottie of the school. Every girl liked him. And pretty much hated me because he liked me. I really wanted him back so I did a couple of things to make him want me 1. Act like you don't care. 2. You gotta show a little bit of 'i miss you' but don't say it, just whenever you see him kinda give him a sad/happy smile. {that hurts for him) 3. don't gossip about him 4. Be happy..or act like it. 5. Talk to his best friend a ton! He will hate that. 6. Flirt with other boys..AROUND HIM. 7. Always look your best! Make him want you!!! And last don't call him, text him, start up conversations or anything. You don't wanna sound interested. Well, that's all i got! Girls are strong they go through a lot..i don't know how we do it! Toodles!

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