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Attension, and why it's annoying
(I know from Experiance,) It almost doesn't seem fair to the ugly guy, the ugly guy who is the one that every girl puts into a pile while choosing out the one she loves. Choosing if you read right. There are two types of guys. 90% of them are the hot 6 pack big tough looking guys with blond shaggy hair and fists the size of boulders, and have no feeling what so ever for romantic times, for a place to cuddle with his woman or to make her feel great. This 90% of men are the people who do it for sex, and they still get all the woman becuase the woman want their little childhood dreams to come true. The guy on the horse with the long hair and muscles who means it all. The other 10%, is the not hot guy, who may be skinny but has a big crooked nose and a cleft, thats 6,3 and...afraid to talk to woman. Hes afraid becuase all his life other guys made fun of his big broken nose and his cleft, they made him feel so horrible inside he has no self esteem and feels like he has nothing to live for. So say for in school, hes 16 and he sits at a lunch table by himself and looks at the table. Quiet, but he looks up to see some beautiful girl that had it all, with some hot guy who he remembers makeing fun of em. He looks back down to see a reflection of ugly self. One day he meets a girl, this girl was moderatly in the group of *hotties* but to the guy, hes never seen anything so beautiful, after getting to know her, he flirts and gains some self esteem, he falls in love and cant express it. One day another idiot comes along and pushes him into her, his hands slip to places they shouldn't she doesn't talk to him for months come by, he crys in his room, next day he sees her kissing..kissing the same guy.. This is the type of guy that EVERY or most woman say they want. a Romantic guy that isn't afraid of love. And yet they ended up with the hottie. Explain to me ...why didnt you choose the one you said you wanted.. He loves you girls, show him that you love him to.,

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