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don't let him impact you so much
Idk this is a weird story. I loved this guy and he 'loved' me back. He told me all these things, and i believed him. Then just this one day it was over. He couldnt have a gf anymore... because he couldnt stop thinking about me. It was too much for him. He still wanted to have me... but he couldnt?? I didn't understand. We weren't going out anymore... but we still liked eachother and still hooked up and stuff? I had no idea wat to do cuz... I really did love him and I didn't wanna give him up. The fact that I still had a little bit of him was better than nothing. I couldnt just lose him forever. If i moved on I knew he'd be gone forever though cause I allready cheated on him once. He wasnt gonna let me play him. But i didn't know wat to do. It was so hard being in my situation. Not wanting to move on, but not wanting to keep wat i had. It was like i couldn't have all of him, and i could only be there when he felt like it. He didn't pay as much attention to me, and i guess thats what he wanted. But it wasn't fair to me. If he really loved me i thought he would still be there for me. Every time i brought up our situation and how hard it was for me but he got mad at me and i feel like it pushed me even farther away from him. It was tearing me apart. I guess i should have just left him alone after he broke up with me, but he told me thats not wat he wanted. I just don't know. I felt stupid, used, and taken granted for. Don't ever let your ex make you feel as degraded as myne did. If he chose to lose you, don't give him anything in return. Make him realize his mistakes, or else he's never gonna miss you the way you miss him.

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