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Avoid Vindictive Arguments
Yes, it's tempting when you're in the middle of a break-up to lash out and say things that, really, are probably not true. As much as you might be angry right now, it is NOT true that you 'never loved him'. If you had a day to day diary, your feelings at the beginning of the relationship are just as valid as the feelings at the end of the relationship. To try to erase part of your life now just to hurt another person is only going to cause BOTH of you serious harm in the future. Words like those are the kind that can cause permanent harm to any chance of ever being happy. Hold your tongue. Think of it as great training for life. Life is unpleasant many times. But if you can be patient and hold your tongue, then when things calm down a bit you have a far better chance of a better outcome - for YOU, never mind for any relationship.

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