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I met my boyfriend last year and it wasn't that i liked him i just didn't think we'd last more than a week. Neither did he. We weren't friends we just sorta jumped into a relationship. I didn't know anything about him but his first name and neither did he. It was fun at first, we just hung out and did what we wanted. Both of us didn't care if either one of us cheated on each other. Like i said we both didn't expect to last more than a week. Time went by and we started to get to know each other. Within a month I knew his siblings name and their boyfriend or girlfriend. Age. I knew his favorite band, color, song, animal, what makes him mad, etc. Until I actually find out on my own that I love him. He didn't feel the same way because he just wasn't there yet. (He's loved every girl he's been with and they cheated on him) So, I understood. Later that night he told me he loved me and I just froze. I didn't know what to do. I didn't say it back but when I got to my room (We went to Job Corps) and got shaving cream and wrote I heart you 2. After that it was awkward for me to say I love you out loud. It wasn't that I was ashamed it was just I loved guys but not like how i love him. When our relationship progressed he started to get jealous. Whether he thought I was flirting or checking out another guy we argued out it. Over time he finally realized that the only person I want to be with is him. Then, the tables turned and I started to get jealous. I expect he flirted just because he's funny and energetic. And he had alot girl friends back home. So everyday his energy drained to the point he was going to break up with me. He got tired of telling me he loved me everyday and telling me everyday he won't cheat on me and that he he's with me not them. It took me about 4 months to realize it to the point where he was getting annoyed. I'm thankful that he stayed with me for so long. Yeah we had good and bad times but mostly it was just me finding it hard to trust him. I let people influence me and we were on-and-off for little bit. But we always went back to each other. It was just something between us that attracted us to one another. Now a year passed and I look back to how silly I was being on not trusting him. He's relieved that I finally realize out of all the girls that like him and he could get with them in a heart beat he choose me. Out of all the girls he sees all he sees is me. And If Jessica Alba flirted with him he would walk pass and come to me. (That's not really what he said but what he really said is inappropirate for this site) Now I know I am the only one for him. And Vice Versa. If our love is strong enough we'll be together Always and Forever. If not, then there's always someone better than the one who you were with. Until then it's just me and him. I hope it doesn't happen but time will tell and our love is still strong.

No matter what happens follow your heart not your head. And learn to trust him don't listen to what anyone else says. (that was a major problem with me, but I learned to listen to him and no one else and to observe what I know and what i'm learning)

Heather and Kenny


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