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Without him I'm nothing

Way back in 2005/2006 I met this guy, and he wouldn't stop bugging me. I always got mad at him and told him to go hang with his friends. At that time I never knew what true love was, and everyone kept saying to me. "He loves you, don't you know that?" I thought to myself... He loves me? Is that why he's bugging me all the time? Turns out 1 year later, we start bugging each other, and it lasted for 3 whole years. During those bugging years, I had a growing weird feeling when I was around him. I got butterflies when he walked by me, or talked to me, I would always talk about him, I was desperate for him. As the months passed by, I was beginning to notice that I loved him, for the first few weeks I thought I was crazy. Because, well, I never did love him, I thought he was annoying and a jerk. But each day, secound, minute, and hour spent with him, had me head over heels for him.

March 18, 2009 is when I finally asked him out. He said yes, and guess what? Turns out we were the perfect couple; ment to be! I was so happy and so was he. After a few weeks of being together, things were starting to get on fire. We were kissing and we were talking about our personal lifes, having dates and, well, having the best time we could ever have with each other.

We lasted till June 9, 2009. That's 4 months. Not that long. And I'll tell you, June 9, was the worst day of my life. He dumped me, but he said he still wanted to be friends, but I was so mad at him! But I loved him SO much. I balled myself out for weeks, until we started talking again. I admitted I still loved him, and he admitted too. I asked him out again, but he rejected me... I never knew why, but it just broke my heart more... We never talked since then.

It's have been 3 months since we broke up and spoke... 2 weeks later he starts talking to me like I'm a piece of plastic... 4 weeks later, he deletes me from his friends list... I don't know how I survived. Without him, I'm nothing, and all he needs is another girl... I'll be here waiting... I promise...


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