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If I could go back in time

If I could go back in time (oh how I wish I could) I would tell me :
That boy who you always catch staring at you in class will walk into your life again six years down the road as a man... you will fall for him, don't even try to fight it it will just happen. he will give the word LOVE a definition and make you feel like you have never before ... you will feel safe in his mear presence, you would never want to leave his side and the distance will only be a test, it will test how hard both of you will try to make this work .. It will all be ok. Understand his reasons for going.. Understand that it is his job and he is a brother and a great friend to these men...

he will see things that he should never have to , or any other human for thet matter and those beautiful eyes he once looked at you with back in that same class, will be a little less bright a bit more serious ... and when you look deep in them you would wish you can go back in time and meet the boy this man once was will wish that with all your heart . And even though you hope to understood his nightnares, his worries and the pain of lossing a fellow brother, you won't. you truly won't ..and you won't be able to help but wish that even for just one day you could take some of that pain away ... but you have fallen for a corps man , marine corps that is .. There will be happy moments ...and days when your just going to have to try a lot more then you have .. But you will try, because he is diffirent he is special, he is worth it ..

I really wish I could have meet you back then, be there from day one be your support ..

I lovee you
I never thought I would say that anyone. .. I love you .


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