I like a girl and thought she liked me but now she's just got a boyfriend?

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Hi, sorry this is really long, I just need your thoughts

I met a girl on my first proper day of uni. Were doing the same course and we meet the introduction meeting. End up getting on really well and spend pretty much the whole day together cause we both have to wait for another meeting in the afternoon. Half way through the day we meet up with one of her friends whose has no one else to be with so were not alone the whole time.

Over the next week I see her pretty much every day doing welcome week stuff. One day I go back to her flat to help her set up a new laptop. When lectures start we go to them together. She starts to confide in me, tell me shes feeling home sick and is having trouble with her flatmates etc. after two week we both start worrying about the course were on because were not enjoying it and Im the one she talks to about it. We both end up changing courses together.

Our new timetable means that we have one really bad day where we have one early lecture and one late one. Shes staying quite a way from campus so we go back to mine, watch a dvd for the course and go to a pub and share some chips. Also I showed her some stuff and she seemed really impressed. This only happened the one cause since then weve been doing group work on that day instead.

She goes home for a weekend and ask if I can help her with her stuff cause I live near the station. I help her back to mine, we hang out for a bit then I see her onto her train. When she gets back I pick her up from the station and help her get her stuff back to her flat. We chat for a bit, she gives me some food, then Im off.

Then suddenly we become really distant and were only seeing each other during lectures. On the first day we both said that we both wanted to try and get out of the city for a bit and find some countryside. A couple of times I suggest doing this but she says shes too busy. Were still chatting on messenger though and still getting on well. I also start posting some recording of me playing guitar online and she says how good they are.

This past week everything has changed again. We met before lectures on mon to pick up some work and were really close again. It may be my imagination, but Im sure shes wearing more perfume than normal. In the lecture she misheard something and one of our friends makes a sexual joke about us. She gets really embarrassed. She seems to be touching me a lot more, as in brushing against me, standing nearer, touching my shoulder. We were sharing a computer and she stole the mouse off me and was leaning across me to type when normally she would just move the keyboard to dictate to me. She also seems to be holding my gaze for longer. Conversation also seems to be a lot flirtier than it was, especially on msn. She also asks me to go to a meeting after uni with her on Tuesday, which I do.

Im rubbish with girls, was beginning to think that this may mean that she wants us to be more than friends and was getting up the courage to confront the issue, but in the second half of the week she seems to have gone cold again. She had asked me if I want to go into uni on Friday to do some work then do something after and I agree. Shes says that well definitely meet up, but we dont set a time, just a day. I ask her in the morning if shes still up for it, but she has a really bad hangover, so decided not to. She apologises in the evening and we have a good conversation on msn.

Then on Saturday evening she updates her social networking page saying that shes in a relationship with another guy. I was crushed. We seemed to be getting on really well doing some flirting, then she goes cold. Now I get three days of what I interpreted as pretty hard on flirting, then she changes her mind on meeting me and is now with someone else. Ive suggested a few time that we go out somewhere, one the first day I met her we both said that we want to get out of the city and see some countryside etc and that we would arrange to do it sometime, but when I offer shes always busy. I go anyway and when I tell her where Ive been she says I have to take her.

I really like her and would have loved to try and take the relationship further, but Im guessing that not going to happen now. There were always potential problems, shes a year older than me, and I think she really prefers guys that are older than her.

Additional info: She told me a bit about her last, and first proper, boyfriend and that he hurt her and she has to look her best to make him jealous, not sure what that means. One of her guy friends asked her out the other day and she told me. She says shes not interested in him, but hes still chasing her. They were going to meet to talk and she even said that it would be easier if I could come too, cause Ive met him a couple of time, but we didnt have enough time.

I guess what Im asking is did she ever like me? Was she giving me a chance at the beginning of the week and I missed my opportunity? Would I have had a chance if I asked her out before now? Does she still like me? Do I still have a chance? Its possible that Ive fallen into the friend zone and this explains it, but Im sure the last week was more than that. Im friends with her and dont want to lose her as that Im just really confused.

Need some therapy!!! Thanks

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Talk to her

my bro went through the same thing just talk to her or show her the way you feel im a girl i should know lol

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