I slept with my teacher

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I chose the category "I want my ex back" although I'm not quite sure yet if that's what I'd want.

When I was 16 and still in highschool, to cut a long story short, I fell into flirting with my school teacher and quite quickly, flirting became kissing when nobody was around. In my 11th year in high school I spent it being sneaky with Mr Teacher and taking every opportunity we could get to kiss, cuddle and get some alone time. He was the man I lost my virginity to, so I guess that adds to why he is so hard to forget.

I didn't know it at first, but he was married and had a baby. When I found out we were going steady and things were just "fun," somebody noticed me, that I, regretfully, kept it going.

The next year after I graduated we were still sneaking around, when my dad caught us.....in the act. We still saw each other a few times after that, he left his wife and he stuck with me. We were very close, we planned our future together and talked about absolutely everything. The situation was far from ideal, but the relationship we shared seemed so strong and we were so in love.

Everything in our relationship seemed perfect, except our status and who we were, that nobody would ever fully understand.

Naturally he kept seeing his wife, for contact with his daughter, but she (understandably angry) would control him, if she knew we had plans she would ruin them by springing him with babysitting, there were weeks where he'd tell her about every date we had planned, and naturally she would sabotage them. I don't blame her, she was the biggest victim (and their daughter)but I kept asking him to stop telling her about our plans.

It got frustrating and my parents were clearly never going to accept us dating, I was fed up with the sneaking around so, although I still loved him and was inlove with him, I broke up with him.

He cried and didn't understand and kept asking for an explanation, I tried to explain but there was never one big thing so I don't think he even gets it now. We kept in touch for awhile, but it got too hard. I think it got too hard because we both still loved each other. Now it's been four years, and I am still thinking of him!!!! I can't get him out of my mind, isn't that crazy.

I know there are a lot of factors, he was my first love, I lost my virginity to him, we were seeing each other for four years and however wrong the situation was, we had an intense relationship and loved each other dearly. I could never go back to him, it would break so many hearts, but I just can't seem to get my head around him. Is he over me?

I have been thinking of calling him to meet up with him to chat, would that be wrong, four years later? In the back of my mind though I am scared that would lead to sex and, although I would love that during the moment, I think it could create more serious problems after.

Is it easier to get closure by seeing him and talking to him, or is it easier if you distance yourself? I am also scared if I ever did ask him, he would still be saying that he never understood why we broke up in the first place and try and get back together, but I couldn't hurt my family like that again. Ideally if I was alone on this planet I would still be with him, but it hurts too many people. It seems easier for me to hurt missing him than everybody else.

Sorry this is a long one, I am just all over the place. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! (Should I see a shrink??! Another thing I have thought about...)


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A bumpy road

When I was 17 I found myself flirting with my teacher also. He was a very nice person but he waited until I graduated from his class. That very last day I was in his class he asked me to stay afterwards. The bell rang and him and i were alone...he asked me to meet him at his house for dinner. When I met up with him we had a wonderful dinner and I went home. We dated for almost a year and soon we found ourselves falling for each other. But at some point I also realized that it was not going to go anywheres. He wouldn't be able to meet my family because I knew that they would not accept him.
What i'm trying to get at is I understand how you feel, for I had to break up with him to. I found myself in your position and I ended up calling him and met up for coffee and discussed some things.

I didn't go home with him or even kissed him...I just sat down and talked. Now i've moved on and even the road can be hard and sometimes bumpy, there will always be a tomorrow.

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