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This may end up being rather long so please bear with me. I met this girl at work almost three years ago. She started a week before i did in a different department. A few weeks after she was filling in for someone, which gave the opportunity for her and i to meet. She was filling in for a week, she was also learning the job as she was filling in, which i helped her to learn. Throughout this week we talked alot and became, i dont want to say close friends but we got to know each other very well. The second night we started eating lunch together, by the end of the week she had started pulling a chair next to her at the table for me. At the time i noticed we were flirting but i didnt notice to what extent. We would whisper things to each other so no one else in the group at the table would hear. We shared a bag of chips, she stopped someone else dead in conversation to tell me i had really pretty eyes. Also during this whole week she was always asking me questions about what i like and dont like, she was also trying to get me to try new things that she liked. At the end of the week she said she would stop by to see me. Well for the next couple of weeks she would stop in a couple times a week. Eventually her visits faded but i saw her occasionally and we would talk for a while and sort of catch up. Later on i found she had stopped one night after her shift was over to visit me and take break with me before she was to go home but i had taken the night off. Then there was a time where i didnt see her for a few months, i started dating someone else, and i ran into her at a local fair, not more then a week later i ran into her and at work and the first thing she asked was who i was with. When i told her she was my g/f and that we were talking about getting married she seemed to get a little jealous or upset, maybe a little mad. After this conversation i didnt see her very much at all. I eventually broke up with the girl i was seeing and almost magically i ran into this girl from work, i of course filled her in on the news, she asked where i was staying and updated me on what she has been up to since we talked last, but she had to go get started working. Now it seems like she is around more, there isnt hardly a week goes by that i dont see her. Everytime she sees me she smiles, she remembered that this one dish she makes i love, something i had forgotten. I have her cell phone number, and when i had gotten it she asked what kind of text message plan i had, i told her unlimited so send as many as you want, she told me she had the same but she doesnt ever text me anything other then jokes, usually having a marriage or sexual topic. One recent day i ran into her at work and she came up to me and put her arm around the small of my back and asked how i was, i put my arm at the same place and said good and asked her the same. The last time i have seen her she wasnt feeling well, and when she saw me she got a smile on her face and walked over to me with the kind of sad puppy face, but i noticed i had complete attention from her, when i leaned on something she leaned on the same thing, she said that day she felt like crap, i said she didnt look like it though, which she thanked me for. She asked my opinion that day too on her sickness and what she should do. I have also noticed that 99 percent of the time when we run into each other she finds a way to touch me wether its a playfully tap or bump of the elbows, and she always smiles. She also never ignores me if she sees me she will always smile and wave or say something to me. I have a read alot on the body language women send and she is doing pretty much all of it. There are so many rumors going around about us at work and most people think there is something going on between her and i and dont believe me when i say there isnt. I guess what my question would be is, is she just being a flirty friend or is she interested in something more.

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Just in heat

OMG! George, are you lonely or just looking for an excuse to start something you cannot finish? What you ought to do is talk, talk, talk! You can only be attracted to someone who is your mental & spiritual equivalent. Only when you discover that she is then those feeling of interest & arousal will kick in, but if what you think is happening is not based on intrique, admiration and respect for that person, then beware - she's probaly just in heat! Beware.

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