Does Losing your Virginity Hurt?

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How much does it hurt for a teenage girl to lose her virginity and how does she know if she's ready?

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It's your decision

hey, i know what you are going through, i can't decided when i want to lose my virginity neither.The only that i can tell you abuout does it hurt when you lose your virginity is that it differs with the person. If you are relaxed and comfortable with your body and your comfortable with who you are with and what you are getting ready to do and your not stressed out, and your doing b/c you want to and b/c your ready, and not b/c someone is pressuring you to do it.I heard from my friends and some sex eds that you do feel some discomfort and some bleeding does occur if any at all. In some cases their's people who bleed alot and some where people don't at all. And it only hurts for a little while like from a scale from one to tweenty, i was say 7-10 minutes but it then goes away and you start to enjoy it more.Now as for how do you know when your ready to lose your virginity,if the type of person who wants to find love with/in a man then when you have the mr.right, i think for any girl to be ready she has to be comfortable with herself, her body, her decision, and her man.Knowing that your guy will be there for you no matter what even if your not reay to lose your virginity. I know for me, when i found this guy who was really trying to talk to me and i didn't want to talk to him b/c i had just gotton out of a hurtful and bad realationship with my boyfriend, but i gave him a chance to be my friend and as time grew so did my feelings for this guy. I never thought i would have ever had these feelings for this guy or any other guy b/c of what had recently happened to me.But we would talk and talk and the more we did the more i feel in love with him, and suprisingly he was too. I was so in love with him at the time that i was ready to tell him that i loved him which i felt i did but i didn't b/c i was afraid of another bad break up, buit come to find out he was feeling the same way.Anyway we have been together for about 3 1/2 years and it's a lond distance realtionship, but we make it work. We trust each other and that's one of the things you need to make sure you have with your guy, making sure you have trust in one another is very important to a long loving relationship.But my boyfriend isn't a virgin, he actually t6o me far from it, iswhat i tell him(lol), but he is at times very horny and wants to have sex, and since we're kinds far from each other he wants to wait for me, he doesn't want no one else but me he said. Everytime we talk he is always asking me when am i going to be ready and i keep telling him that if he was over here it would be now but i also tell him wheni turn 17-18 and my hight school prom night.And when i learn new information from my friends lik they will tell me when they lose their virginity and if/ how bad it hurt, an dthat makes me change my mind about the whole losing my virgionity thing.But what my boyfriend told me that was so important and heart felt was whenhe told me look, when your ready i'm still going be here, no matter what, it's not a big deal, i don';t want to rush you and sex is't the only thing on my mind, as lond as i have you in my life then i'm happy, and at that moment i knew he was the one whoi wanted to lose my virginity too, but i still don't know when.I'm just afraid of the pain.But when i feel that i am ready and i think to myself will i regret this decision in the mornining and my answer is no b/c i will the love of my like who i'm in love withand want to spend the rest of my life with, i know at that moment i am ready to have sex. SO what i mean by all of this, is when you feel you are ready and you feel that everything in your life is right where you want it to be. Don't let other people make/take your decision away from you. I hope this helped you! Oh and also please be safe and mAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR PARTNERS HISTORY AND PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU BOTH GO GET CHECKED OUT TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE, EVEN THOUGH YOUR STILL A VIRGIN, IT'S ALWAYS A GOOD FEELING TO KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS ALL CLEAR DOWN THERE, AND REMEMBER SOME/MOST OF THE TIME WHEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING, THERE'S NEVER ANY SIGNS, SO PLEASE BE SAFE AND THINK BEFORE YOU ACT,


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