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Heyy, haha i'm back! Remember me? Ok, but like this time i'll be a bit more specific, the total D.L.! I was saying i'm on cheer and so this one game a fellow squad member pointed out a guy I never noticed before ans said that he wanted to make babies with me! I didn't believe, but looked to see who it was anyways and he ended up having a sweet face and looked to be a pretty clean-cut guy! I heard it in his voice and based on the way he was playin in the game he seemed to possess leadership skills as well. I wouldn't say he's my crush, but he has me pretty struck! There's just something about him... So basically i'm confused. I dunno what kinda guy he really is and I dunno how to appraach him that's why I was asking for "cute things to say" b4 remember that? I kno he's at least in 10th grade maybe even 11th -n- i'm in 9th!
I don't realy kno any of his friends. They all stare at me wierd. I started talking to one of them and after break we just stopped talking! One of his other close friends tripped over me while in a group with a couple of his other buds, but he wasn't there. At first they were laughing, but when they saw it was me, they were silent. That one of his friends hasn't looked at me since! His other friend(whos in my chorus class -n- in 10th grade) has suddenly starting tryna flirt with me!
I also saw him on Facebook on this application "are you interested", so I decided 2 send him a message. He replied with "was up" -n- so my humor is a little and I said "the sky, you know it's always been that way.haha" "yea I guess" was his reply. When I first read it I interpreted as though he really got it so I was lyk "hmmm, u actually got my joke, that's hot! we should hang out sometime". he never replied bac, so I asked him to be a friend. he accepted and so after finals I asked how they went, on facebook of course. He said "ok, I guess". Again with the "guess" thing!
It always seems as though when i see him in the hallways he suddenly starts messin with another gurl and looking at me or has a big smile on his face but not looking at me.He normally sits in the cafeteria, while I sit in the audiotorium. It's out of the ordinary 4 him 2 come up there,but 2day he did...alone! He did this one time last semester with a group of his friends who made a quick entrance and exit. At this time I was alone, but a soon as my friends came around he left! He was especcially concentrated on my guy-friend!
Sorry 4 the Essay I just thought you might have a better analysis of what I might so with the whole story. I need advice on how I "should break the ice" or even if I sould at this point! When I first meet ppl, I try to dull my self but I feel bored in the conversation! b/c when I greet ppl in it's a way in which you would probably call "perky". ppl don't respond quite as planned when first meet and it's ackaward! If u believe I should go on ahead and make a move if any at all how can I prevent this ackwardness and maybe connect!
Thx a billion !

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Tell him feelings

well i think that you shoud tell him what you think and how you fell on this subject because i mean if you are trying to impress his freinds instead of just saying you know i like this guy and thats all that matters

- lauren your friend

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