movie buddies or Date?

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Over the last year i came out of my shell thanks to a certain friend of the oppisite gender. I do recall the first day he was in our class, i was asking the boy that was sitting next to him how to work a math problem and they asked me to jion their group. I agreed. i wasn't there but for five seconds and mym now best friend thats a boy was throwing paper at me. secretly i enjoyed him playfully salpping my hands and leggs and throwing little things at me. so after awhile we became the best of best friends. We are really close now. we talk to each other on the phone at least once a week if not more. we had gotten so close people would call us love birds and stuff ike that to make us blush in front of the teachers. I could tell it really bothered him. So he made up this big story that we were actually cousins.(we're not! we're not even related!)After he told everyone that people started seeing the resimblins between us and we ended up getting the nickname twins. Recently we added a camp together,It seems that evertime i would sit down or go near him he wanted a hug. He would just out and hug me for a feew seconds for no reason at all. I don't know what he was thinkng but i liked it. So when he kept doing that i wouldn't protest,but when he would start to move his face toward mine as if he might kiss me i did have to move his head back i didn't want him to kiss me just yet. when i would move his head back he kinda seemed a little bit hurt. after the camp was over i told him i wasn't staying for lunch because i was going to see a movie, when i did he got that look in his eyes when boys have a plan. He begged to let him go so i invited him and we arranged to pick him up. when we picked up about an hour after camp was over i expected him to show up in what he had on for camp but when we arrived he had on a completely different outfit which was odd for him to change just to go with a friend to the movies. he also had on a hat he said it was his lucky had. when we went to go get popcorn we talked a lot and he put hid arm around me as we walked back to our seats. during the movie we ended up sharing our poopcorn and we both put our arms on the same arm rest and we didn't move them. after a while he closed his eyes and i leaned in really close to his face to see if he really was asleep. when i did he acted like that was a bad thina i was close to him but i could see him trying to cover up a smile. I wasn't sure if he likes me or not? what do you think?
p.s after thinking about he would throw things right on the ground and have me repeatively beind down to pick it up for him. does that mean he was checking my butt out or did he think it was funny he always seemed to stand right behind me.
sorry it took so long. i just needed to express all of that because i just neede too.

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try and tell him

Look I don't want to be a trip killer or anything like that, but that's almost the same thing that happen to me. We were best friends and we started like that he would just play with me he would throw me things in the back and push me or things like that he use to bother me alootttt!!But one day everything changed he was dating this girl and we went our own different way!! Maybe he does like you, well it seems like if he does...but if u want something for than be friends with him. Try and tell him..well not tell him give him hints that u like him, so that he doesn't do the same mistake that my friend did. Well its more of my mistake because i never showed him that i liked him.
Good luck with this guy!!

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