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Please respond, I know itís long.
But I really need some advice here.
my freshman year in High School, these group of guys started saying hi to my best-friends and i. We didnt know who they were, but every time they would past us in the hallway, they'll always say hi. So basically, i said hi back. But my friend didn't.
My brother is really known throughout the school, and none of his friends want to hook up with us because they feel uncomfortable, since they're friends w/my brother.
Then after a while, they stopped talking to us.

So I started talking to one of those guys on Aim and things were going well and he was friendly
Iíll go by him as Crush
Then towards the end of the year, i grew feelings towards him. And im the type of person that just does things and see what happens, i try not to hold back. So i told him i liked him....
He never responded to it.
Then the next day, i saw him in the hallway, and like he was staring at me, i tried to pretend i didnt see.
then the days after that, the same things happened.
I was good friends w/one of his bff and like after the incident, he sort of kept his distance from me. like he wouldnít talk to me as much.
Then the year ended.
Well he's a senior now, in High School. and i talked to him twice on aim...we never brought up that subject. but when i talked to him...he kept saying,
"yeah man" "yeah buddy" "ha-ha"
Well, we're now friends on My Space.
So...we donít ignore each other.
But then i was a party and he was there too and so was my brother, and the other guys that said hi to us my freshman year.
And at the party. he kept standing behind me and talking really loud. i just ignored it
Then i started playing pool with two of my good friends, he was sitting on the couch.
Then he comes over and starts tickling one of my friends, the one playing pool with me
(the other was watching and getting a snack)
so i ignored that too.
Then, the host of the party had these cakes in a bag. and there were like two in the bag...Crush wanted it, so he took one...there was another one left.
The shape of the room was circular...
so Crush has a cake left and he goes around the room and ask if anyone wants it...But he skips me.
so he didnít ask me, he just ignored me.
the party is over. he took off his jacket and shoes at the beginning of it.
then when its time to leave, he goes up the stairs, "forgetting them"
His jacket and shoes were facing me...cause i was on the opposite couch.
So he comes back downstairs and laughs and says he forgot to put on his jacket and shoes.
so he sits down on that couch. and puts them on in front of me. ( Iím still at the party. Iím not leaving yet)
Then yesterday, we had our winter dance.
at the beginning of it, when i would dance with my friends, he was somehow always near me.
And one time, i was dancing with my friend, and i had my back to these two freshmen thing i know, i feel someone's back touching mine. and i turn around, and its Crush...dancing with the freshman girl behind me.
i danced through the rest of the song...then went outside afterwards.
another time, i was dancing with my other friends, and i spotted him on the other side of the room. Then minutes later, he's dancing next to me. Every once in a while. I would catch him looking at me.
A few days ago, my friend was hanging out with Crush and she got to talking to him.
Well, she's kind of getting more information about him to me, to help me out.
And she asked him a few questions.

Her: Why don't you have a girlfriend?
Him: I don't really want a girlfriend because Iíve had my heart broken before and i don't want it to happen again. And plus, Iím going off to college and it'll be a long distance relationship.
Her: One of my friends likes you (which is me)
Him: Erica (other girl that told him she liked him)
Her: No...someone else.
Him: Who? My friend's sister (Obviously me)
Her: Someone else (she's trying to hide for me )
Him: Well...
They get interrupted by my brother.
So the conversation stops.
So basically, he knows its me....still liking him.
or maybe he doesn't, but i doubt that.
But we still don't talk.
So the following day...this is what he says to her.

Him: Say hi to your friend

i didn't get a chance to speak to him
But this is what happened.
Tell me what you think.
Oh and by the way, he's leaving school next week.
The seniors last week of school:
I asked my friend to like somehow find out information about my crush
and what he thinks of me.
Well. for the past week she's been kind of doing so and you wouldn't believe what happened on Thursday.

Well , on Thursday this week...she saw him at a grocery story and she sort of pulled him aside to talk to him.
And he was like, "i figured out who your friend is..."
and she was like "who?"
and he was like "Elise."
So basically, she was just like "you just won't let go, huh?"
and he just laughed.
Then she asked him what he thought of me.
THIS is how the conversation went.

Her: So, what do you think of her?
Him: Well, I don't know. I think she's pretty, i would go out with her but out of respect for her brother, i can't do that to him. It'd be awkward if i went out with his sister and i don't want to break her heart.

Her: awww.

Him: I don't want her brother mad at me and that could ruin the friendship. The only reason why i won't go out with her, basically, is because of her brother.

Her: aww...but they hate that, when people say they won't go out with them (my sister and i) because of their brother, because when their brother goes out with someone or flirts with someone, noone ask for their permission. So they hate when people say that.

Him: I know, but did you see how strong their brother is...he's big. I don't want to mess with him.

Her: Yea. (laughs)

Him: And plus, I see her glancing at me at lunch every now and then. Do you know how close we sit together at lunch? We sit so close to each other. and everytime i look up from eating, she looks away quickly so i don't see her. but i do see her.

Her: Ha, that's her. She is a funny girl, isn't she?
Him: Yes, she is.

Her: why don't you say hi to her in the hallway.

Him: I don't know.

Her: Why not?

Him: I don't know, it'd be awkward.

Her: Why...But are you going to say hi to her tomorrow when you see her.

Him: I don't know.

Her: Why?

Him: (laughs)

Him: And plus, Melanie (girl that likes him that danced with him at prom) has bad pictures of me dancing with her and it looks like i'm a bad guy but i'm not. I'm really nice, and i don't want people thinking i'm something i'm not because of those pictures...but oh well, if they judge because of pictures..then i don't care.

Her: Well...yea. aww.

Him: stop doing that

Her: Sometimes, Emily will complement on your clothes. Like if she likes a shirt you were wearing, she'll say he looked good today.

Him: Did she send you to talk to me?
Her: Nooo.

Him: Okay. But don't tell her we had this conversation.

Her: Why?

Him. Just don't tell her we had this conversation!!

Her: Okay, i won't.

and i'll update later.

User Submitted Advice from a 13-20 year old Female
Hope it goes well

lol OMG this same ting happened to me except the roles were switched i wanted to go out with my best friends brother we went out and still are <3333 u just gotta ask ur brother if he would mind and if he loved you like a brother shold he woould want u happy no matter what yah know? well best of luck!!! hope it goes well :]

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