Flowers, Gems, Incense

A rose is the classic romantic flower. What are the meanings of roses?

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Dark Crimson Roses
Dark Crimson roses symbolize the inner beauty that glows within your partner. ...
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Orange Roses
Orange roses stand for enthusiasm and energy. If you and your partner are the ...
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Pink Rose
The pink rose stands for tenderness and happiness. It can stand for the ...
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Red and White Roses
A bouquet of red and white roses shows that two people - even very different ...
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Red Rose
The red rose stands for passionate love, for new love that is still headstrong ...
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Rosebuds - General
Rosebuds are the young stage of a rose. They stand for a young love, one that ...
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Rosebuds - Moss
Moss rosebuds are a sign of a new love that has developed from a friendship, ...
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Rosebuds - Red
Red rosebuds speak to a new love that is already rich and vibrant, full of ...
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Rosebuds - White
White rosebuds are about a new love that is fresh and innocent, with wide-eyed ...
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Single Rose
Giving a person a single rose symbolizes how unique and special that person is. ...
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Tea Roses
Tea roses are a sign of remembrance, that you remember someone who is far away, ...
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Thornless Roses
A rose without thorns symbolizes a relationship that can exist without fighting ...
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White Rose
The white rose stands for innocence and purity, for the fresh love that is ...
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Yellow Roses
Yellow roses are a sign of joy and freedom. They are great to give to a recent ...
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