Dating a Friend

Telling your Friend How You Feel
Every great relationship is based on a great friendship. It's no wonder that many relationships start out between two people who are good friends.

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accept the answer you get
After you've made yourself known we all hope you find sucess. be prepared to ...
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Alone time.
If you like your friend dont't hide it. Start by talking to them alone more ...
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an easy way to do it
the way my current bf told me was 1) we first started going out to the park ...
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Ask another friend
ask your other friend to ask that person if they like ...
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be blunt
Just tell them, it won't hurt, really, and if you don't tell them they might ...
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best friend
i'm 16 and during the school holidays i saw my friend who i've known since i ...
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Don't Blurt it Out
No matter how strongly you feel about your friend, don't just blurt out your ...
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Dont Say It
Dont Say It.........Show It ...
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I was once in this situation and have now been in love with her for three ...
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Alright I know it's hard to do, and easy to chicken out, but if you are totally ...
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How to tell a gal u love her
You must first be alone,a romantic quiet place. Then look her in the eyes and ...
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if youre best friends.....
I know it's never easy confessing to your best friend how you feel. 1. make ...
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let him realize
just dont tell him how you feel... believe me I,ve done those things before. ...
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Make the Situation
When something especially bad or good happens, tell your friend or early ...
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tell him or you will lose him(best friends)
ok so if you and your friend flirt alot and are close look at how he acts ...
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Ur Feelings
if u do hav feelings 4 her really do. NOT coz u wanna piece, coz u wanna be wid ...
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way my BF told me
we were friends but then he told me he liked me. this is how he did ...
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